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UK, USA & Worldwide

Register a trademark UK, USA or WorldwideThe best place to register your trademark will depend on where you do business and where you plan to do business in the future!

If your business operates in the UK and you do not trade in Europe or anywhere else in the world then a filing in the UK should provide you with the protection you need. Similarly, if you do business in the U.S. or anywhere else it may be worthwhile seeking trademark protection in those countries, particularly if you have licence agreements for your product or service in those countries.

Keep in mind where you hope to do business as it might be cost efficient to obtain protection now in those countries. An EU trade mark application which covers the 27 member states includes the UK and will give you protection across Europe. An EU trademark application (a ‘CTM’) allows for a single application to be filed and makes it significantly quicker, easier and more affordable than applying to each country individually.

Alternatively, you can apply for a World-wide registration for your trade mark under the Madrid Protocol with WIPO

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